Grandpa Sosa is the grandfather of Paul “El Guero” Sosa, member of the 29th Street Vatos Locos “Car Club” and an aspiring boxer on the welter weight circuit. Grandpa Sosa lives on the southeast side of San Antonio, a once sleepy section of town near the Mission Espada. He follows his grandson’s boxing career with interest, because, truth be told, Grandpa was once a boxer himself. Now, after a long life working in a local hardware store, he has retired to this area he has known for a long time. However, times are changing in this area of town. Developers are putting in large apartment complexes and some housing subdivisions to attract the newcomers to San Antonio, spurred to locate themselves here due to a robust economy with jobs available for just about anyone. One night, Grandpa Sosa has been waiting on the back porch in his favorite rocking chair, listening to his favorite cumbia music on a CD player. His grandson, Paul, has asked him if they can use his detached garage for a couple of months, Paul told him that he and his friends, Fernando Chavez and Eddie “Smiley” Barbosa, were going to stop by late at night  to start using the garage. Grandpa gave Paul his okay, after all, he’s a good kid. He has even brought out a six pack of beer in a cooler to the porch for everyone to enjoy when they arrive. So, what is it that “El Guero” and his friends are planning to use the garage for? Will Grandpa be able to resist the offers that he has been receiving for his house and the acre of land it sits on? Read “Lawless Order: Jeremy Santos and The Outfit”  to find out ! Get your paperback copy or e-book thru the following link:  

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