I love October. It’s my birth month and also the start of my favorite time of the year. If you read our earlier post titled, Back On Line, you will remember that we discussed All Saints Day and how it is common among some of us to commemorate and celebrate the lives of those that have gone before us. Honor the dead, remember them, say their name out loud so that they can continue to live, in spirit, among us.

The popular Halloween colors of Orange and Black have recently been joined by Purple. I like Purple but prefer to stick to the original colors. Like the colors of those sticky, bad for your teeth but good tasting toffee like candies wrapped in black or orange. I also like candy corn because of it’s sweet smell and curious shape.

Last year our Halloween was rained out. This year, we will set out a family of pumpkins and plug in the lights to welcome the season. We will put out a large bowl of candy corn and toffees for the goblins, and set out some candles to light their path as they make their way in the night. You’re only young once , after all. Good night.

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