A cold front recently swept through our area. The weather went from the mid nineties and humid to the mid fifties in a matter of hours. I prefer the cooler weather of Fall to the hot weather of Summer. In the Fall, I can layer my clothing and sit on the patio while admiring my plants, and also work out in the yard without breaking a sweat. This year, our area has also experienced a drought, and the heat has been relentless. The one up side of the drought is that there are no mosquitoes.

Reading the news coming out of California, I am thankful that we have not had to live through anything like what those souls are experiencing.

We are continuing to put the finishing touches on the ending of our second novel, and then we will begin to edit it from beginning to end. The story is exciting, and we are very proud of our “son” Jeremy Santos. We try to keep him out of trouble, but that is hard to do with the line of work he has chosen for himself. The working title of this second book is “La Casa de los Santos, Jeremy Santos and The Outfit.”

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