Recently, we spent a few days camping in Big Bend National Park. This would not be a big deal except, we had never gone camping before. We recently bought a tent, air mattress, and all the other accouterments needed for camping. We were successful in our camping trip, falling prey to neither bears nor mountain lions. We actually managed to cook hot dogs and beans on the grill provided at the campsite. We went hiking one morning on the Window Trail, one of the less daunting hikes in the park. We were looking forward to the vista that would reward us at the end of the trail, we had read that it was quite stunning. While hiking, we went uphill, downhill, on dirt, rock, stone steps, in sun and in shadow. At one point, we almost went by this sight, down at the ground, under some brush. It was a singular mushroom, quite large (in our experience), and in the most interesting shade of yellow. How often it is the unexpected thing that pops up unheralded in the odd spot that you remember the most!

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