We are cherishing these Autumn mornings, as we sip our coffee from matching cups and bite into a bit of crisp bacon while we wait for the eggs to poach. The day is off to a good start. The sun came up, and the cat went out and then came back in again. He’ll be sure to go out again soon.

Sitting at the table we gaze out our window and give thanks for this day. Every day is a gift that must be opened and enjoyed. We plot and we plan and try to keep moving along so as not to think too much about our own mortality and how much is left undone.

At times, sleep seems to elude one of us. The other one seems to sleep soundly through the night. Of course, sometimes we both stay up until the wee hours of the morning, watching videos, writing, reading or even going out for a walk.

Late at night, when the sky is clear, we step out into the backyard and look up at the stars. Marveling at how far their light has traveled in both time and space to reach our eyes, we stand in awe of their luminosity. Brightly they shine on and on, and will continue to do so long after we are gone.

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