The weather around here has been very nice this past week. We are looking forward to resuming our regular nightly walks.

Walking is the perfect low impact exercise for us. Late evening has proven to be the best time for this activity. It’s cooler, quieter and we even get to enjoy the night sky. Plus, it’s fairly safe, even late at night.

We have several paths that we like to follow, each one is a different level of intensity. The first option is the short walk which takes us down our street, around a bend, up to the school and then back up our street for a total of 1 mile which we can finish in about 20 minutes.

The second route is the one we call “the long walk”. This is the short walk combined with a few more streets from another section of the neighborhood, and then back to our short walk again. This route is 1 1/2 miles long and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Then there is the extra long walk. This route includes the long walk plus another area outside our own neighborhood. The houses and lots are a little bigger over that way. We only walk this route during the day because it is not pedestrian friendly. There is heavy traffic on parts of this route and although we always stay on the sidewalk, the cars appear to be hurtling towards us, going forty to fifty miles an hour. After a few yards of this, we can get off the sidewalk and step through a small shopping mall and parking lot that provides some relief from the traffic. Another smaller road soon greets us and we find ourselves walking past a grove of trees as we come up onto the school again. Then we are on the short walk once more, going down our street. When we finally arrive home, we are pleased to know that this route is 3 miles long and usually takes us 1 hour to complete!

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