“WOOF!! My name is RED. I am an Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix and tomorrow is my birthday! I am 15 years old but my family tells everyone that I am 89 in human years! I don’t feel very old at all but since my family says I am getting older, I get special food to eat and a special bed that cushions my bones when I take my naps. My fur is thick and very, very red, just like my name! Lots of my fur, (mostly around my eyes, ears and nose and on my paws, too) is now white.

During the day I chase squirrels in my back yard. The squirrels run up and down the Blackjack Oak trees looking for acorns to store up for the coming winter. Dragon flies fill the air, along with bees and even some wasps. At nighttime, I sit on top of an old picnic table, smelling the air and listening to the crickets. If there is anything that I need to report, I bark “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!” as loud as I can.

Under a blanket of stars that fill the nighttime sky, I sit and wait for tomorrow to come. I am enjoying the night before I turn 16. I can’t wait to eat all the special treats that I am sure to get tomorrow on my birthday!”

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