The brain is an amazing computer-like organ. It is a powerful tool capable of many hidden functions. But, like a computer that you only use for reading news stories or emails, it often goes to waste unless you push it to perform at its higher capacity.

As with the muscles of our body, we must also exercise the brain in order to keep it in top working order. Sadly, many people allow this organ to atrophy due to non-use. How we can actively work at enhancing the performance of our own brain?

One way is to recognize the importance of avoiding mind altering substances. Almost daily you can find a story in any given newspaper about our country’s struggle with the opioid crisis and with the addiction of our citizens to narcotics. We wonder how it is possible for people to have so little regard for their own well being. We only get one vessel and sometimes it is not in perfect working order to begin with so why wreck it further?

Our country spends millions if not billions of dollars trying to eliminate the illegal narcotics industry, but is that really the answer? No, it is not the answer. We must stop accepting drug addiction as part of life and society. If people stop taking illicit drugs then the market will dry up.

Recently, it seems as if some elected government officials think that the easiest way to deal with this problem of drug addiction is to facilitate it by handing out needles and drugs to those that are already in the grips of this problem. They look the other way instead of confronting the needs of their community at large.

What is the solution? That is the million dollar question. Just like some people want to raise the age for Medicare eligibility, we should also be pushing to raise the age of adulthood. Not everyone matures at the same pace and therefore not everyone is ready for adulthood at 18. Parents need to be held accountable for the well-being of their children. We cannot continue to blame churches and schools for the outcome that we get if we are not actively involved in raising our own children. Children are very susceptible to suggestion through television, movies, social media, friends and even family. We can influence them positively or negatively, the choice is yours.

Another idea is for the federal government to establish a developmental chart that would outline milestones in life so that parents can track their child’s growth both physically, mentally and spiritually. Similar to the food pyramid issued by the USDA, we should have a similar chart to help us in preparing children for adulthood. If there is such a chart it needs to be widely distributed.

What are your thoughts on this topic? We want to hear from you.

Story creation is one effective way to keep the brain .

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