Hello, we are Kevin and Rosario Walker. As the authors of The Jeremy Santos series of books we are happy to announce that our third book is in the works! We had a great deal of fun writing the second book, titled Casa de los Santos, the continuing saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit. We added new characters and included some of the ‘regulars’ from the first book which is titled, Lawless Order: Jeremy Santos and The Outfit.

As lovers of writing and readers too, we know that you are familiar with all the different feelings that are experienced during the many phases of development of a project. When we start the writing process, we find that letting it flow out like a fast moving river works best for us. Then, day after, we continue to add to the story, returning to the beginning and editing as we move along. It is amazing to watch the number of words written and pages completed grow into a book!

As a husband and wife team, we feel very fortunate that we have been able to develop our projects together. Having a loving, compatible and understanding spouse to work with is a real joy and we are grateful for that.

In our third book we have again brought forward ‘regular’ characters from books one and two. We have also made some previous ‘background’ characters more prominent. Of course, all the action in our books revolves around the main character who is the prominent attorney named Jeremy Santos.

The story line begins in San Antonio, Texas where Jeremy lives and works. Veronica is a secondary character that is found in all three books. She is a mercurial feminine presence who is strong but also fragile. She is beautiful, maybe too much so, and she knows it. We wish them well as their lives unfold.

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