Writers are obsessed with … what else, but writing! Writing in your nook can sometimes turn into an all day sort of thing. You start off early, after your first cup of coffee, and then the next thing you know, it has turned dark outside. This is especially true during the winter months! It can make a person a little sad when it feels as if the entire day has gone by and they did not even have a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Do you ever take your laptop outside? This sounds like a very ridiculous question, but in truth it was just brought to my attention today that my laptop has a battery! What?! Yes, I can take my old Gateway outdoors and type away while sitting on my deck or patio! There may be too many distractions, though. Being a plant lover I may find myself unable to concentrate!

So, what do you do to keep from missing out on all the outdoor fun in the sun and still keep your writing front and center?

And yes, I did say Gateway.

So, the most important rule is to not procrastinate when it comes to writing or getting outside. Remember to get your vitamin D! We all need about fifteen minutes of sunshine per day (between 11 am and 3 pm). Hope to see you outdoors!

Write On!

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