Lawless Order: Jeremy Santos and The Outfit and Casa de los Santos: The Continuing Saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit are the first two books in our Jeremy Santos series of novels. Here are seven things you need to know about our main character, Jeremy Santos:

1. His current residence is outside Denver, Colorado. This mountain retreat has spectacular views of the Rockies and an indoor, custom built, heated pool.

2. He is a lawyer in good standing with the American Bar Association, but he is also a KINGPIN of an underworld organization known as The Outfit.

3. Jeremy is single minded in his pursuit of success; he is therefore unattached. But no worries, he gets plenty of attention from the opposite sex! He is immersed in the nefarious and deadly business of The Outfit, so his lifestyle makes it impossible for him to settle down.

4. He is an only child who graduated from an expensive college preparatory school. His parents worked second jobs to pay his tuition. He earned a full scholarship to attend a private university close to home.

5. He is passionate about swimming. It keeps him fit both mentally and physically. He practices his chosen sport several times each week. When he travels away from home, his prime requirement is a lap lane pool.

6. Does Jeremy have any vices? Hmm, well, he does enjoy smoking Cuban cigars and he does so only after he has taken care of business, or pleasure!

7. Jeremy has a dog named Rufus that he adopted from an animal shelter after he passed the Bar exam. So, Rufus has been with Jeremy for many years now, and is mentioned in both books 1 & 2. Rufus has his own personal handler and trainer, a man named Reuben, to keep him mentally alert and physically active.

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