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Perilous Passages: The Continuing Saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit is the third book in the Jeremy Santos and The Outfit series of novels. The story takes the readers on a dangerous journey to Bogota, Colombia. It is here that we meet a elusive drug lord who has managed to create an empire around his secret process for the perfect “star dust” and it has made him billions of pesos.

This drug lord has become very successful in diverting business away from The Outfit. He has become a problem in the process of becoming so powerful. Now, Jeremy Santos and his associates must devise a scheme to fix the situation, and do so very quickly.

Enter, the always resourceful Bridgette, one of Jeremy’s associates. She has a plan to solve this problem without starting a war. Her poison of choice? An antiquarian manuscript! Read our third novel today to find out how she does it!

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