Photo by Derwin Edwards from Pexels

A person born between December 21st and January 21st, is generally considered a Capricorn. This astrological sign is know for being highly methodical and cerebral…a.k.a. Intelligent.

Jeremy Santos, the main character in our book series is such a person. He is International Director of the Americas for a criminal organization known as The Outfit. He is a lawyer by profession.

Jeremy was born on January 10th. At the time of his birth it was expected that he would be a twin instead of an only child. Circumstances surrounding the delivery were shrouded in secrecy and he was never told about his still-born twin brother until after he graduated from high school.

He had always felt that something was missing, like a part of him was not there. And when his parents finally told him the truth, he grieved quietly and alone. He grew to resent his parents for keeping this secret for so long. Therefore, he began to distance himself from them. And, as soon as he was able to, he got out on his own.

He remains conflicted, though, because he knows that they love him. He saw how hard they worked to put him through the finest prep school in San Antonio. Still, he would have gladly gone to the poorest school district in town, just to have his twin brother by his side.

Do you know a Capricorn? Do agree that Capricorns are ambitious? What about persistent, hard-working and disciplined? Let us know what you think!

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