The Hertzberg Clock in downtown San Antonio from the corner of Houston and St. Mary”s.Street

Since we are Texans, here are some interesting tidbits and trivia about our home state. Did you know?

  • Our coastline is 367 miles long and this includes places like Padre Island, Corpus Christi and Galveston. Here’s a peek:
  • The constitution of Texas has a provision which allows the state to divide into five states. Uh, no, thanks.
  • The state bird is the Northern Mockingbird.
  • The state insect is the Monarch Butterfly. It migrates through the state every year on its way to Mexico.
  • The state large mammal is the Longhorn cattle, the small mammal is the Armadillo, and the flying mammal is the Mexican Free Tailed Bat.
Photo by Victor Miyata,
  • The state tree is the Pecan, which produces the state nut.
  • The state flower is the Bluebonnet.
Photo by nagaraju gajula on

How Big is Texas? Consider this:

  • Amarillo is 85 miles closer to Phoenix, Arizona than to Brownsville on the border with Mexico. .
  • Dallas is 2 miles closer to St Louis, Missouri than to El Paso on the border with Mexico.
  • Beaumont, on the Louisiana state line, is 43 miles closer to Jacksonville, Florida than to El Paso.

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