Big Bend National Park in Texas has big, wide open spaces with miles and miles of open grass land and mountain ranges.

Recently, we visited Big Bend National Park. The park is located halfway between San Antonio and El Paso, off of US Highway 90. There are several campgrounds in the park; one is located on the Rio Grande river with a ferry that goes across to Mexico. Remember your passports!

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We camped out in the Chisos Basin campground, at a nice location near a trail head that leads to “the Window”, a interesting sight to behold after a few miles on the hiking trail. Be sure to pack water and a snack bar or two.

There are many types of wildlife, we encountered rabbits and many types of birds. On the trail, we spotted a bright yellow mushroom that was quite large for a mushroom, and many types of wildflowers. The first night we lay in our tent and gazed up at a spectacular night sky full of stars, due to the absence of city lights. It was incredible!

The next night was a totally different story. The wind started to gust and as it looked like it was going to rain, we decided to put the rain flap on our tent. There was a very intense light show that night, but no visible stars and no rain. Big Bend is a jewel in the Texas crown, and one of the premier National Parks in the country.

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