In January of 2020, we went to a tax seminar. The meeting was late in the evening, and because we wanted to avoid rush hour traffic, we decided to make a day of it. This outing was an opportunity to go sight-seeing into a part of the city of San Antonio rarely visited by us.

Off of Highway 281 and north of Loop 410 sits a green way. A paved walking trail starts at the Historic landmark park known as Walker Ranch.

We were excited to explore this area since we had never been here before. It is truly an oasis in the middle of the urban sprawl. Once inside the park, we encountered a very peaceful and quiet environment. Very few people were out enjoying the afternoon sunshine that day,it was the middle of the week. This was before the COVID-19 pandemic, and everyone was either at work or school.

This trail is part of a larger system of trails that the city parks department has constructed for everyone to be able to get out and enjoy the natural areas of town. The map in the photo above makes the trail look small, but it is actually a good long trek.

Another sign listed the various animals and plants that inhabit this green way. This surprised us, to think that all these wild animals coexist together in this area!

Nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers inhabited this region many thousands of years ago. They lived off the land and with the land.

There were several signs along the trail that helped to give us an idea of where we were and what we could expect further along on the trail.

We took a picture of this tree decked out in bright red berries. The birds in the area have a ready supply of food to get them through the winter.

This final photo shows the transition of the trail into Phil Hardeberger Park, the sidewalk reads ” Walk Your Bike”. Up ahead are restroom areas, water fountains, and benches. Hope you enjoyed this trip through the Walker Ranch trail!

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