The Family Trees of Casa de los Santos, book 2 of the Jeremy Santos and The Outfit book series

Thank you for stopping by. Genealogy comes into play in the second book of our Jeremy Santos and The Outfit series. Casa de los Santos picks up where book one left off. In book 2, our characters are just a little bit older and hopefully a lot wiser. In Casa de los Santos, we come face to face with two vibrant families. They both have complex and interwoven branches in their family trees which leads to some recriminations and many resentments.

The first family we will consider are the Matamoros of Monterrey, Mexico. This is a well-to-do clan that lives in a palatial compound outside of the city. Their power stems from money. Their wealth is the result of business connections and a growing family run law firm. “A massive painting of her great grandparents, Antonio and Graciela Matamoros, and their two children, Nestor and Olivia, hangs high on the wall above the main passageway into the home.”

Our second family goes under the name Greagoir. They have, for the most part, stayed behind in Eire, the emerald isle. A new branch of this clan’s tree, however, has sprouted and is now thriving in the “new world” under the name Greeley. There is an undercurrent of hostility and resentment brewing between this new branch and the main tree. It takes a peacemaker in the family to keep things from boiling over.

We hope that you enjoy this insight into our second novel, Casa de los Santos, and that, after you have read the book series, you will give us a review. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts.

The Andean mountains of Peru as the locale for the start of our next novel

The ending of our third book, Perilous Passages, left readers to guess at what really happens to Jeremy Santos as well as everyone else on that ill-fated flight.

Flying from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on route to Lima, Peru took them out over the Pacific Ocean. They encountered severe turbulence when they flew into the eye of a tempestuous storm. This unexpected weather event caused the plane to go off its course and make an emergency landing in the Andes, within the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Nevado HuascarĂ¡n, with its elevation of over 22,000 feet, and temperatures in the teens, may be their doom if they can’t find a way out.

This is the nexus of book 4 in the Jeremy Santos and The Outfit series, where the struggle for survival is in the forefront.

Perilous Passages, book 3 The Jeremy Santos and The Outfit book series. Traversing the Mediterranean in a launch?

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What is a launch? A launch is a boat, bigger than a rowboat, but smaller than a yacht. In our third book, Perilous Passages: The Continuing Saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit, one such launch plays a vital role!

This craft is a handy way to travel to your own private island from the mainland. It is a good idea to have enough room to carry supplies, including an ice chest large enough to have a false bottom for… smuggling?