Perilous Passages, book 3 The Jeremy Santos and The Outfit book series. Traversing the Mediterranean in a launch?

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What is a launch? A launch is a boat, bigger than a rowboat, but smaller than a yacht. In our third book, Perilous Passages: The Continuing Saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit, one such launch plays a vital role!

This craft is a handy way to travel to your own private island from the mainland. It is a good idea to have enough room to carry supplies, including an ice chest large enough to have a false bottom for… smuggling?

Perilous Passages and the antiquarian scientific manuscript

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Perilous Passages: The Continuing Saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit is the third book in the Jeremy Santos and The Outfit series of novels. The story takes the readers on a dangerous journey to Bogota, Colombia. It is here that we meet a elusive drug lord who has managed to create an empire around his secret process for the perfect “star dust” and it has made him billions of pesos.

This drug lord has become very successful in diverting business away from The Outfit. He has become a problem in the process of becoming so powerful. Now, Jeremy Santos and his associates must devise a scheme to fix the situation, and do so very quickly.

Enter, the always resourceful Bridgette, one of Jeremy’s associates. She has a plan to solve this problem without starting a war. Her poison of choice? An antiquarian manuscript! Read our third novel today to find out how she does it!

Meet Sonja Matamoros, DVM. She is a new character in our second book, titled Casa de los Santos: The continuing saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit

We are happy to announce that our second book, titled Casa de los Santos, the continuing saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit is now available on in both paperback and e-book. Below is a small peek into the story.

When the story opens, our main character, Jeremy Santos, has just celebrated his 35th birthday. His career with The Outfit has turned into a major win for him.

Some of the characters that appeared in book one are back and they include the alluring Veronica Andrade, her police officer sister, Christina Delgado, and Alfonso Allende, Jeremy’s mentor.

A new character who enters Jeremy’s life is Sonja, a vivacious young veterinarian who is the only daughter of a powerful and wealthy attorney in Monterrey, Mexico. She meets Jeremy when she is called on to take care of Jeremy’s pet dog, Rufus. Sooner or later, sparks are bound to fly! After the handsome Jeremy stops by the clinic to meet with the lovely vet, real chemistry seems to be brewing outside the mile high city of Denver.

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