Lemons just in time

This year, our lemon tree has been quite late in providing us with the eagerly awaited fruit. There are many lemons on the tree, however, most are still quite green. It could be worse. Last year, we didn’t get very many lemons at all. So it was a great feeling to see a few lemons turning and ready for picking. We will be keeping a vigilant eye out for more yellow than green as we go further into Autumn. Our goal is to have all the lemons off the tree before the first cold snap, which could be in November or possibly as late as December. The important thing is to enjoy this harvest as much as we can, with late season lemonade, and slicing lemons for tea and other recipes.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you have ever been to an estate sale you will know that salt and pepper shakers are a big deal. Many people have enormous collections of these objects and it is amazing what forms they can take on!

We ourselves, are the proud owners of a few sets of shakers. One set in particular, found at an estate sale, is made of wood. The figurines are of an older couple. The woman wears a cape and a scarf and the old man wears a cloak and a hat. They rest on a base made of the same type of wood.

This set, we plan to keep, at least for now. They are always looking at each other and seem to be in a good mood. We believe they are quite unique and may have been hand carved somewhere in Peru. What do you think?