Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you have ever been to an estate sale you will know that salt and pepper shakers are a big deal. Many people have enormous collections of these objects and it is amazing what forms they can take on!

We ourselves, are the proud owners of a few sets of shakers. One set in particular, found at an estate sale, is made of wood. The figurines are of an older couple. The woman wears a cape and a scarf and the old man wears a cloak and a hat. They rest on a base made of the same type of wood.

This set, we plan to keep, at least for now. They are always looking at each other and seem to be in a good mood. We believe they are quite unique and may have been hand carved somewhere in Peru. What do you think?

Old Photo Albums

Recently I decided to organize my mother’s old photo albums. Two of the albums were in damaged condition so we ordered new magnetic sleeves and consolidated all the pictures into one album.

Looking at old photos of people back when they were young is a good way to bring on a bout of melancholy. And, listening to old country songs makes those feelings even more pronounced.

There were photos from the 1920’s, some from the 50’s, some from the 60’s, some Instamatic Polaroids, some school class pictures. There were pictures of family cats and pictures of family dogs, with each one evoking memories of events from long ago.

All in all it was a trip down memory lane and a chance to say “hello” to those I haven’t spoken to in a while. Today, we have our photos in the cloud…just isn’t the same thing, although we do enjoy viewing them in a slide show on the TV screen.

Writing for the Love of it

Creating the character Jeremy Santos has been a life changing experience. Do you know what I mean? The story itself is a place to retreat to and the character confides in us and trusts us to do right by him and his associates. His world is centered around an organization called The Outfit and although they are what might be considered an underworld criminal organization, just like with everything in life, there is both good and bad within it.

Like all authors, we want others to join us along for the adventure. We worry about “our son” and what will happen to him next. So far, he has kept his head above water and has managed to skirt the truly evil villains that have tried to take him down. It gives me gray hairs and keeps me up at night, wondering what will happen next. In book two, Jeremy Santos meets beautiful women and dangerous foes, but his allies come to his aid. Please be on the lookout for our next book, La Casa de los Santos, Jeremy Santos and The Outfit.

Thank you for reading!