Are your characters fundamentally good people?

Are your characters fundamentally good people when all is said and done? Can they live with themselves at the end of the day? Do you love them? If they were flesh and blood, would you be proud to have them as part of your family?

We believe that the answers to these questions lie in the motivation for the things that YOU make them do!

If you have created a villain, do you identify with the villain and his or her villainy?

Jeremy Santos, for example, was never in trouble with the law growing up. He had parents that loved him and still do. He is smart enough to have graduated from college and law school, but when the time came to launch his career, he went his own way. He rejected the corporate law firms that came to court him, and instead attempted to launch his own business working day and night and just scraping by.

By pure chance or luck he meets the distinguished and fabulously successful Alfonso Allende who sees the potential just waiting to be…exploited? Allende has his own agenda and knows exactly how to handle the young and impressionable Jeremy. Eventually Jeremy is under the Allende spell and joins the organization known as The Outfit.

Jeremy is loyal to a fault. He is the type of person that you would want to have as a friend. Smart and focused, he is quick to find a solution to every type of problem that comes his way. He manages to turn rivals into friends or at least allies. He never comes close to being a villain and every thing he does he does for good reason. At the very most he is the better of two evils.

So, in the end, yes we love him! We’ll make sure that Jeremy Santos never does anything against his nature. We won’t betray him or let him down.

Jeremy Santos is the main character in our books:

Lawless Order: Jeremy Santos and The Outfit

Casa de los Santos: The continuing saga of Jeremy Santos and The Outfit

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When will the third book in the Jeremy Santos and The Outfit series be completed?

Yes, it’s true! There is a third book in the early stages of development. So far, we have written close to 32,000 words and divided it into 17 chapters.

There seems to be no end in sight to the troubles that our main character, Jeremy Santos, must deal with. Thankfully, he has his reliable sidekicks to help him along.

This new book, untitled as of yet, will pick up where Casa de los Santos left off, and we have included a prologue for those naughty followers that did not read books 1 or 2.

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Lucky or Unlucky?

Today we discovered a water leak in our house! Although this could be considered un-lucky, it turns out that we were actually very lucky!

Our living room carpet was soaked! Yet, our plumber arrived within the hour, and boy did he know his trade!

Since the leak was not visible, the first thing he did was to listen for the leak. The next thing he did was to study the plumbing layout of the house. After assessing the site, he concluded that the leaky pipe would be found under the foundation. Bad news if this turned out to be the case. Expensive, messy, time consuming, it was everything that we did not want.

To zero in on the leak, he had to cut a hole in the sheet rock. Un-lucky? Well, not really because he made the cut with the precision of a laser so that it will be easy to repair.

Finally, there it was. The copper pipe was exposed. The leak, it turns out, was just above the foundation! Our plumber, Bobby, still had to use various tools to cut away some of the framing wood in order to reach that part of the plumbing that needed to be replaced. Three hours later, a new section of pipe had been soldered into place. Thank you, Bobby! A thoughtful and competent young man, we are grateful for his skillful handling of our problem and for his mastery of his trade.

Next, we were left with the aftermath of the leak. We had to deal with that soggy carpet! Un-lucky? Again, luck seemed to be on our side on this day. A friendly young woman sent us a capable young man who operated the water extraction machine with practiced ease. The steam cleaning machine left us with what looked like a brand new carpet!

Yes, to answer your question, it did cost us a small bundle. But, unlucky? No, because it was all resolved in one day, and therefore, we consider it well worth the time and money that we spent. We had thought about replacing the carpet with flooring in the last quarter of 2019 but we ended up delaying that project for some reason. If we had installed the new flooring last year, it would have been ruined by February 2020.

So, in the end, we won! After all, our home is our castle and sometimes life happens and you have to focus on those pesky little problems that divert our attention from the activities we would rather be doing, like writing.

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